Founded by Vee Tee Sykes, we are a company with a rich history in providing funeral protection plans to families worldwide.  We specialize in giving families the peace of mind of knowing that when the unexpected circumstances happen that the family will be covered and feel secured in their time of bereavement. 

Whether "we" want to face it or not, "we" are responsible for paying our final expenses.  Please do not leave that burden on others.

THIS IS NOT LIFE INSURANCE but a 70 YEAR OLD PLAN that works perfectly!

Financial Restoration $$$ for you:

Way too often unexpected expenses lead to personal stress and stress on your family.  Making the decision to plan for the future is the first step but now you can earn extra income by ensuring other families are protected like your own.  This decision made by My Family Coverage seems like the best way to show multiple acts of kindness one day at a time offering you a chance to become believers like us who want better for their families and our own.  

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The video below highlights what happens to even celebrities who die with NO life insurance and have their loved ones asking for donations and even using Go Fund Me programs to raise enough money to give a deceased person a decent funeral.  Now is your chance to get all of your funeral expenses paid and even your arrangements made so your beneficiary can avoid the unnecessary stress.  PLEASE WATCH BELOW
5 minute Funeral Testimony:
Let us cover up to 7 family or friends for only $60-75/mo
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Funerals cost $8,500+15k
We pay that in 24-48hrs!
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