We are a company with a rich history in providing funeral protection to families worldwide.  We specialize in giving families the peace of mind of knowing that when unexpected circumstances happen that the family will be covered and feel secured in their time of bereavement. 


Our plan can protect up to 7 family or friends for only $50-$75 monthly. 

Ages 0-80

Covered in all 50 states


Unexpected expenses are way too common and often leads to stress for families.  Making the decision to earn extra income while protecting families seems like the best solution to change things around for the better. 


Are you at least 18 years old?

Have a cell phone and internet access?

Ready to start immediately?

Let us show you how!  Call or email today!


Becoming a consultant is a great way to rebuild or make additional income.  We have serviced members of the community for years and looking for honest, sincere, and dedicated individuals to join our team.  Covering families each day at a time is what we do!


Free certification training available

$300+ income potential per sale

Paid bi-weekly

Earn 35%-80% commissions, overrides, residuals, and bonuses.  


An Affordable and Convenient way to Manage Finances for the "End of Life"!


Even if you have fully prepared, a Funeral Expenses Plan provides a safety net for

unanticipated events, allowing you to tell your loved ones "It is all taken care of"! The

unavoidable reality is that life ends. Funerals & Memorial services can seem like 

extravagant ceremonies, however, in truth they are crucial for your loved ones healing!  These untimely events give families the opportunity to have closure, a chance to grieve, and a way to find understanding and meaning in a painful time.


Financial responsibilities do not just disappear, they remain, then, often spouses are

left with reduced incomes, children burdened with expenses, so consequentially family and loved ones are forced to ask for help and get support from platforms like..."GoFundMe"!!!


A Funeral Expenses Plan is "the best" way you can show care & preparation to your

family. It is an ultimate expression of compassion & responsibility for those you leave



We invite you to contact us for more information...Toll-Free at 855.565.0500

Also, join us via live Zoom calls four times a day to learn more.  Invitation required.

*All services are available but not guaranteed.



I joined Assure For Life on 08/08.21 to help protect my love ones & to share with

friends and family. I earned $2,000+ in my first six days! This is the most exciting platform I have ever heard of anytime one person can help seven people at the same time for ONLY $50-75/ unheard of truly a Blessing! Thanks VT!


Valerie Perry